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If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury and and opulence in your toddler's remote control ride on SUV then this is it! This amazing addition to our Car Tots toddler dealership has all the bells and whistles, including 4WD, leather seats, rubber tires and room for a friend. The included remote control can drive in any direction, and when your toddler is ready they can drive themselves with the foot pedal and steering wheel. This is a great vehicle for a household with two young toddlers to enjoy. Take a look at all the features below. Do not be confused by companies calling this a 24 volt vehicle because it has two 12 volt batteries. A real 24 volt vehicle has 24 volt motors. We offer our exclusive 1 year warranty* on this loaded remote control ride on two seat Lexus LX 570 toddler SUV. 
  • Dual Rechargeable 12V Battery
  • 4WD Four 12V Powerful Driving Motor System
  • Smooth Variable Speed Up To 5MPH
  • In Dash Video Screen with Included SD Card
  • Reverse
  • Bluetooth 2.4Ghz RC Remote Control With Emergency Stop
  • Functioning Doors
  • LED Headlights and Taillights 
  • MP3 Player & Stereo Speakers Built In
  • FM Radio
  • Rubber Foam Tires
  • Spring Suspension & Shock Absorbers
  • Perfect For 1-5 Years Of Age (Up to 42" Tall)
  • Suitable For Toddlers & Children Up To 95 Lbs.
  • 19" Comfortable Leather Seat
  • Seat Belt
  • 12V Charger Is Included

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